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News For This Month: Mail

Online Postage – Keeping Your Certified Mail Secure

The Internet maybe growing in popularity when sending private correspondence, yet the security offered by postal mail still remains the optimal choice particularly for sending sensitive, important documents. Letting your mail courier, however, to simply leave critical business correspondence in your mailbox is definitely not ideal in today’s security-minded world. With USPS’ Certified Mail service that is currently on hand, you can rest assured your important mailings are safe from undesirable hands.

By choosing certified mail, you are then given proof that there was an item presented to the post office for mailing. With the tracking number that it comes with, you will be able to keep track of the delivery online, and then verify if the item was really received. As added service, the sender gets back signed notice confirming delivery.

Then again, travelling to a post office in your area, fill out and affix the certified mail papers – if that post office does have them – is time consuming, labor-intensive, tiresome, and costly.

In fact, it is valuable time that your company could dedicate to more fruitful use.

Especially, if you have a law firm, otherwise medical practice, or any other large-volume company which weekly volume of certified mails to send out is quite high. Attaching return receipts to every item can add time to the mailing process even more. But, the task does not end there. There is still the immense records-keeping for each distinct tracking numbers.

Do you really have to deal with such hassle and inconvenience? Why not try the latest software packages for online postage instead? There are two user-friendly formats of the online postage service – the individual adhesive certified mail labels and another one that is added into handy “print at the same time” envelopes.

Regardless of the type you choose, the postage software will be done with the required details in one easy step when you arrange the envelope, after which either you stick the label directly to the envelope, if not print the details next to the postage in the case of the integrated version. It’s that easy.

With such online postage software, tracking is entirely automated via the software. Need to verify if the envelope has arrived at its location?

It is no longer necessary for you to dig into a mass of paperwork just to retrieve a tracking number and hook up to USPS’ website — simply go to records section of the software, which is easy to find, and then retrieve the envelope in question. The information you are looking for is right on your PC or laptop screen.

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