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Charter – Getting Started & Next Steps

The Summer Salmon Fishing Guide in Columbia River

The hottest season on the earth’s surface and which comes after spring and before autumn is known as summer. The season is characterized with long days and short nights. Fishing can be explained as the process of removing aquatic animals from the water bodies. Fishing is done in the oceans, ponds, rivers, seas, lake and other water bodies. The following are the things one should have in order to catch fish; lines, hooks, baits, nets, spears and others. A river which drains in the Pacific Ocean and originates from the Rocky Mountains and known as the Columbia River is known for its large number of salmon. The following are the guidelines of catching salmon in the Columbia River.

The first step is making sure you have the fishing equipment and tools. The fishing gear is the equipment used in fishing. It includes the traps, baits, hooks, lines, nets, spears, rods, baskets and others. The large and stronger baitcasting reels and rods should be used in catching the Chinook salmon while smaller rods are perfect for the smaller salmon.

Second, you should know the type of salmon you want to catch. We have several types of salmon such as the pink salmon, silver salmon, chinook salmon, Atlantic salmon and others. As a fisher you should know the color and the size properties of the type of salmon you want to catch. These properties will enable one to identify the right salmon while still in the water.

The next thing to do is identifying the perfect bait. A tool which draws in aquatic animals for perfect fishing is known as the bait. The different variety of salmon are lured by different types of baits. For easy catching of the salmon, a piece of herring or fish eggs are used as baits. The bait should also be colorful and attractive so as to attract the Salmon.

Fourth, get the best hook. Once you have determined the properties of the salmon you want to catch, select the right hook. The qualities which are most important in determining the best hooks are weight and body size.

Fifth, get the best fishing line. Just using the above properties, select the right sized line. If the salmons are far from the River Columbia banks, consider using the stronger and lengthy fishing rod. A fisher is supposed to use the shorter fishing lines for catching the salmon which live near the river banks.

The last step in catching salmon in the Columbia River is inserting the line and the hook in the waters and being patient for a salmon to be caught.

This is the procedure used by the fisher of salmon in the Columbia River.

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